Bust at the Josef-Mohr-Place, Mariapfarr

August 2020 Mariapfarr, Salzburg, Austria.
Surrounded by a fantastic landscape, the nice village of Mariapfarr lies in the center of the Austrian Alps and offers a picturesque view into valleys and high mountains.
I return from a hiking tour and the bus drops me off in the center of this…

Proving a reference value that considers all available co-information (June 18th)

Are you also tired of getting this feedback from business people when presenting your data science results:

  • Yes, but in this month we often see higher values …
  • Yes, but in this segment there are much older customers …

Especially when you highlight outliers, anomalies or suspicious observations that are…

Gerhard Svolba

Applying data science and machine learning methods-Generating relevant findings to better understand business processes

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